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Student Services

Avoid Mistakes Most Parents Make

Robbing from Retirement Funds

Accumulating Massive Debt with Parent Plus Loans

Assuming State Schools Cost Less

Depending on the High School for Financial Guidance

Help with Scholarships

The #1 way that any family - irrespective of financial situation - can save on college costs is with scholarships FROM the college.

How to Beat the Cost of College

Find the Best Financial Aid Package

Lower Your Out-of-Pocket Cost

Develop a Customized Plan

Negotiate for Additional Financial Aid

Today, a family can easily exceed $250,000 in college costs – for one child!*

There are two different prices for a college education –one for the informed buyer and one for the uninformed. WHICH PRICE WILL YOU PAY?

With today's competitive environment and sky-rocketing college costs, it's important for high school students and families to consider the benefits of having an admission and funding advisor.

While we applaud those that embrace the DIY approach, it is something that needs to be carefully considered when it applies to the college funding process. Most people go to the doctor when they are sick, see a dentist when they break a tooth, or consult a lawyer when sued. Reaching out to a professional, an expert, if you will, in that field will make sure you’re well taken care of and your needs are met. Then, why would you willingly spend $25,000-$50,000 per year for your child’s education not knowing the ins and outs of the process. We want to help you to maintain control over the admission and funding process, not the colleges and the government.

Unlike programs that focus solely on admissions and applications, we understand that college is both an educational decision as well as a financial one.  That is why College Funding Solutions provides services for students who dream of going to college, and their parents who want to fund that dream, without jeopardizing their own financial future. 

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